Build Custom Alexa Skill in 30 Minutes – Book your tickets now – Free session – Webinar

Join us to learn how to build compelling voice experiences for Alexa, the service that powers millions of devices, including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. This free, session, hands-on learning experience will be held on 25th September 2020 online.

The is an intro to Alexa and an in-depth training course on building skills with the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation and code samples that make it fast and easy for you to add skills to Alexa. Furthermore, we will guide you through the process of publishing your skill to the UK Amazon Skill store. All you need is a fully charged laptop to the online event and you will need to create an Amazon Developer account here and an AWS account here prior to meeting.

EARN – Amazon Echo DOT for FREE!!


GET FREE – “Amazon Echo Dot – UK” Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Spain.

Are you interested in creating your first Amazon Alexa Skill? You don’t need any prior knowledge of programming languages!!. Anybody can create a simple skill. There is no age restrictions, all you need is a laptop. No software required!!

There is a promotion perks going on for a limited time by Amazon for the people based in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Spain where you can
EARN a “Amazon Echo Dot” on your first Alexa skill publish.

 If you are interested message me or you can find me on twitter @roy_geniuslead, GeniusLead U.K ( can help you to build your first amazon Alexa skill for FREE.

It will not take more than 1 HOUR to create a skill.

INDIA: T-Shirt Offer: Publish two new Alexa Skills on the India Alexa Skill Store, and you may be eligible to get a limited edition Alexa developer t-shirt.

Alexa workshop at Amazon UK – with Andrea Muttoni 



It was my pleasure to meet Andrea Muttoni Sr. Solutions Architect | Tech Evangelist – Amazon Alexa at Amzon London Office workshop. Thanks for teaching us simple techniques to build custom Alexa Skills. It was a great workshop hosted by Andrea, which covered all the basics and the tools we can use to build skills in a short duration.

The information about Speech Synthesis Markup Language SSML was mind blowing, the number of functionality available to implement for customers requirement was vast.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to show demo on the skills GeniusLead has developed to all the people who joined the workshop. I wish Andrea all the best for many more events similar to this workshop, which helps out lots of business across global.

Meanwhile try out our custom made skill “Where is my thing” at and give us your feedback to improve further.

“Remembering all the things at home, office, school, college becomes difficult if it is rarely used. It’s better to outsource this job to a free personal assistant, who can store all the details of the things or objects anywhere as you store them. Use your voice command and ask Alexa to store any object at home, and retrieve any information any time. Example : Say “Remember” “Land registry documents is at my office desk at fourth rack”. Then ask alexa “Where is my” “Land Registry documents”. Another example : “Remember” “My old sticker book is in the shed”, then ask Alexa “Where is my” “sticker book”. You can also update the location again for the same object, Alexa would retrieve the updated location. We also provide a mobile app for organizing manually, if you like to. Data is stored in a secured database on cloud for each user and not shared with anyone.”




EASA – PPL (A) – Pilot – Passed Skill Test

What an intensive PPL (private pilot license) skill test exam, after a long waited training with perseverance, finally got at the end of completion to obtain PPL license. 2 hours 30 minutes of flying with Mr. Harry Page (PPL Examiner), did all the navigation, diversion and series of manoeuvres with stalling, slow flight, emergency force landing and multiple circuits with flaps and without flaps,  DME VOR navigation.


Thanks to SouthEnd Flying Club instructors Mr. Paul Griggs, Mr. Peter Shorter and Mr. Scott for there much appreciated and a constant support since 18 months. They have a great experience and methods of training there students for PPL, would recommend SouthEnd Flying Club if you are interested to learn to fly. They were always kind and patient to teach me whenever I approach them with my bundle of questions.


Passed all 9 theory exams for EASA PPL

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Planning & Performance
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications

Next step : Aiming to get my ratings (Night rating, IFR ratings and Aerobatic ratings)

-Deepak Roy

Lost your keys? use “WhereIsMyThing” Alexa assistant

Try out your first #voice on Alexa, it’s easy and simple, you don’t need any #Alexa #device to try the commands, all you need is a smart phone with Alexa app installed #GeniusLead #skill #AmazonEcho #Whereismything


Click here to enable Alexa skill





Try your first voice on your Alexa mobile app or device

Remember you don’t need an Alexa device to try these commands, all you need is a smart phone with Amazon Alexa app installed from or

Try these commands today, first get the hang of voice invocation then you can buy devices.

I’ve got football fever.
Just say, “Alexa, sing me a football chant”.


“Alexa, read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”
Listen to this classic story, free to stream on Echo until 30 September.
“Alexa, is the Post Office open today?”
Ask Alexa for a nearby shop or restaurant’s opening hours.
“Alexa, follow Taylor Swift on Amazon Music.”
Follow your favourite artists on Amazon Music and receive notifications when they release new music. Learn more.

“Alexa, discover my devices.”
Connect compatible smart home devices, such as lights and plugs to Alexa using Guided Discovery or Smart Home Skills. Learn more.
“Alexa, play Kiss FM.”
“Alexa, when will the England rugby team play?”
“Alexa, give me some relaxation tips.”
“Alexa, beatbox for me.”
“Alexa, play Guess My Name.”
“Alexa, how much did Black Panther make?”
“Alexa, play talkSPORT.”
“Alexa, give me some fashion advice.”
“Alexa, open Beautiful Dream.”
“Alexa, can you talk to dogs?”
“Alexa, why do so many football players have tattoos?”
“Alexa, open Categories Game.”
“Alexa, what are you thinking about?”
“Alexa, what’s number one in the UK charts right now?”
“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
Use smart home skills to control your compatible Smart TV with a simple voice command.

Meanwhile try our new Skill, click on Enable and follow instructions.

Agile – Remove blockers to flow free


During development process in agile method, you might have heard about “blocker” in the stand up meetings. Most of them just say as a part of the process during there turn.

What different ways you would approach to tackle this blocker?

I would like to tell some of my experience from various organization.

  1. Some teams would take it to the next level and proactively talk to the concerned person to resolve issue if related to the infrastructure or some third party related issues, fair enough simple and straight forward.
  2. Some would talk to the project managers or scrum master to discuss further.
  3. Few cases when there is a blocker, all the developers would get together and discuss on that blocker immediately after the stand up.
  4. Some just say there is a blocker in the stand up and sit on there own and keep struggling to resolve the issue, and would not approach for help.
  5. Some would procrastinate and move on to another task.
  6. Some would take a shortcut to fix the issue.

which one of the above would suit the best while you are working in a agile development team at your organisation? I know you would say depends on the type of blocker based on that you would take one of the above choice.

I have seen for most of the blockers in the project, can be easily and quickly resolved if you opt for option 3 for developers. Because someone has an better idea, or must have worked on it before or may be they understand much better in that area.

I think many of us are willing to take option 4. Issue with option 4 is we don’t know how long it would take also you might not know if it’s the right choice as you might approach dead end of that solution. Also people start googling for the issue which you might not find appropriate answers.

Option 3 develops collaboration between team members, many would think that it could be a silly question to ask, as the other developer might think I don’t know the answer for a simple thing. Lots of question comes to your mind, end of the day people forget they are solving problems in a software for an organization, not solving there personal problems.

Also scrum master or project mangers needs to encourage this culture so that it saves time and increase productivity and the knowledge is shared between developers. So when the similar issues re appears all the developers would already know the solution.

In the picture above the water is blocked by the rocks, and slows down the flow. Think of removing this rock first before you move further to the next sprint as a team. Don’t forget you are working in a team. The more number of rocks in a sprint, it would slow down the entire team.

GeniusLead follows Option 3 as one of the core principle.

– Deepak Roy




Meeting with Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar



New Venture with His Highness #Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar #Mysore

It was my pleasure to meet His Highness inside Mysore palace and talking about a mobile app for Mysore palace, we spent time on discussing various ways to show contents which has all the aspect of great history of palace in detail.

He has a great vision to contribute to the society and the people with passion and dedication.

Wait and watch for more updates.



Start with sprint ZERO


At what age did your learn to ride a bike? What methods did you try to ride a bike? Did you fall while learning? Balance is the first step as we all know, but question is how to make it simpler?

Easy way to teach is removing stabilisers, pedals and start to scoot. Automatically you would learn to balance. We can apply this technique in every aspect of life, any new skills we learn or any project we work on. Start with ground work sprint ZERO before we jump on to sprint 1. But we always tumble by adding two components TIME and COMPARISON (with others) to the entire learning or development process and start worrying about it. We need to REMEMBER there was NO concept of TIME 500 years ago, no one really cared about time they JUST DID IT whatever they did.

For comparison there was no communication with outer world so they never bothered to rush. All the creativity in this world happens in it’s own time, all the inventions and discoveries happened this way. WAIT and WATCH patiently.

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