EARN – Amazon Echo DOT for FREE!!


GET FREE – “Amazon Echo Dot – UK” Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Spain.

Are you interested in creating your first Amazon Alexa Skill? You don’t need any prior knowledge of programming languages!!. Anybody can create a simple skill. There is no age restrictions, all you need is a laptop. No software required!!

There is a promotion perks going on for a limited time by Amazon for the people based in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy or Spain where you can
EARN a “Amazon Echo Dot” on your first Alexa skill publish.

 If you are interested message me or you can find me on twitter @roy_geniuslead, GeniusLead U.K (www.geniuslead.com) can help you to build your first amazon Alexa skill for FREE.

It will not take more than 1 HOUR to create a skill.

INDIA: T-Shirt Offer: Publish two new Alexa Skills on the India Alexa Skill Store, and you may be eligible to get a limited edition Alexa developer t-shirt.

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