Alexa workshop at Amazon UK – with Andrea Muttoni 



It was my pleasure to meet Andrea Muttoni Sr. Solutions Architect | Tech Evangelist – Amazon Alexa at Amzon London Office workshop. Thanks for teaching us simple techniques to build custom Alexa Skills. It was a great workshop hosted by Andrea, which covered all the basics and the tools we can use to build skills in a short duration.

The information about Speech Synthesis Markup Language SSML was mind blowing, the number of functionality available to implement for customers requirement was vast.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to show demo on the skills GeniusLead has developed to all the people who joined the workshop. I wish Andrea all the best for many more events similar to this workshop, which helps out lots of business across global.

Meanwhile try out our custom made skill “Where is my thing” at and give us your feedback to improve further.

“Remembering all the things at home, office, school, college becomes difficult if it is rarely used. It’s better to outsource this job to a free personal assistant, who can store all the details of the things or objects anywhere as you store them. Use your voice command and ask Alexa to store any object at home, and retrieve any information any time. Example : Say “Remember” “Land registry documents is at my office desk at fourth rack”. Then ask alexa “Where is my” “Land Registry documents”. Another example : “Remember” “My old sticker book is in the shed”, then ask Alexa “Where is my” “sticker book”. You can also update the location again for the same object, Alexa would retrieve the updated location. We also provide a mobile app for organizing manually, if you like to. Data is stored in a secured database on cloud for each user and not shared with anyone.”




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