Got our first Promo code for – Amazon Echo Dot

In my previous post I did mention about getting your free echo dot by publishing your Alexa custom skill.

Got email from Amazon to claim a “FREE ECHO DOT”


Email from Amazon!!!

Great news!

You recently applied to our promotion. Since you published your first Alexa skill, you are eligible to receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

You can redeem your Amazon Echo Dot with the code below.


Promo code Echo Dot: 🙂

Expiration: 31 December 2019

To redeem your Amazon Echo Dot:

  • Visit your local Amazon website and select the Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Click “Add to Basket”.
  • Click “Continue” to proceed to checkout.
  • At checkout, enter the promo code in the payment method section and click “apply”.
  • Click “Place your Order”.
Thank you for building with Alexa. For promotion details, view our full terms and conditions. If you have a promotion specific question, contact us.


If you are still interested to learn how to build Alexa skills for your business contact GeniusLead at


-Deepak Roy



How to enable Alexa Skill?

We recently developed Amazon Alexa Skill for a charity organization in the U.K called as “Basildon Hindu Samaj”.

Purpose of “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill is to get the events details hosted by “Basildon Hindu Samaj” committee members. Also it would help you to know more about type of events, time of the event, place of the event and how to contact them.

You can either enable “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill from your Amazon Alexa mobile app or by saying to Alexa device to enable “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill.

I know many of you have already got Amazon Alexa devices and are very familiar with the invocations and enabling skills.

In this video I would like to show, how to enable the skill using your mobile app, and start asking questions about “Hindu Samaj “skill. This is very useful for people who don’t have Alexa devices, but they can use there smart phones as their Alexa device.

You need to install Amazon Alexa mobile app, then navigate to Skills section and search for “Basildon Hindu Samaj”, the next step is to enable the skill. Once you have enabled you would see options to choose from the various English accents. If your Alexa devices are registered in the UK, Or if you have an amazon UK account by default it is set to English GB accent.

If you want to speak and listen in Indian English accent then you need to De-Register your UK devices from amazon (manage devices settings ) and register with Indian English accent.

If you have got Indian English accent setup on your device, then you can straight away ask questions.

ask hindu samaj when is the event

ask hindu samaj to tell about the event format

ask hindu samaj about committee members

If you have got UK English accent setup on your device, I would advice you to invoke the skill first before asking questions. Click on the blue button to invoke intent as seen in the video.

If you have got UK English accent try out the commands above, if you don’t have UK English accent try commands as shown below.


you can first say,

“ask hind samaj” and give a pause to hear a message from Alexa, then you can ask

“when is the event”

TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE HOSTED EVENTS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “where is Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “tell me about Hindu Samaj”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what time is the event”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “When is the next event”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “address of the event”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Where is the event”
TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “people in the committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “who is in the committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who is the chairman”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the joint secretaries”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the members of Trustee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are members of non executives”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the cultural secretaries”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who is the treasurer ”
TO KNOW ABOUT THE PROGRAMME\EVENTS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj performances”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj events”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what are the events at Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “tell me about event format”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Events hosted by Hindu Samaj”,


– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “contact”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj Facebook”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what is the Facebook page for Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Facebook”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “join Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Facebook page”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “contact Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “how to contact Hindu Samaj”




-Deepak Roy



Try your first voice on your Alexa mobile app or device

Remember you don’t need an Alexa device to try these commands, all you need is a smart phone with Amazon Alexa app installed from or

Try these commands today, first get the hang of voice invocation then you can buy devices.

I’ve got football fever.
Just say, “Alexa, sing me a football chant”.


“Alexa, read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”
Listen to this classic story, free to stream on Echo until 30 September.
“Alexa, is the Post Office open today?”
Ask Alexa for a nearby shop or restaurant’s opening hours.
“Alexa, follow Taylor Swift on Amazon Music.”
Follow your favourite artists on Amazon Music and receive notifications when they release new music. Learn more.

“Alexa, discover my devices.”
Connect compatible smart home devices, such as lights and plugs to Alexa using Guided Discovery or Smart Home Skills. Learn more.
“Alexa, play Kiss FM.”
“Alexa, when will the England rugby team play?”
“Alexa, give me some relaxation tips.”
“Alexa, beatbox for me.”
“Alexa, play Guess My Name.”
“Alexa, how much did Black Panther make?”
“Alexa, play talkSPORT.”
“Alexa, give me some fashion advice.”
“Alexa, open Beautiful Dream.”
“Alexa, can you talk to dogs?”
“Alexa, why do so many football players have tattoos?”
“Alexa, open Categories Game.”
“Alexa, what are you thinking about?”
“Alexa, what’s number one in the UK charts right now?”
“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
Use smart home skills to control your compatible Smart TV with a simple voice command.

Meanwhile try our new Skill, click on Enable and follow instructions.

Voice has power – Alexa where is my ???


The next generation future is going towards voice enabled AI devices and applications. GeniusLead is trying out prototypes on Alexa Skills one of them is called as “Where is my thing”, you can enable this skill on any device.

Remembering all the things you have placed unconsciously at home, office, school becomes difficult. It’s better to outsource this job to a free personal assistant, who can store all the details of the things or objects anywhere as you store them. Use your voice command and ask Alexa to store any object at home, and retrieve any information any time. Example : Say “Remember” “Land registry documents is at my office desk at fourth rack”. Then ask alexa “Where is my” “Land Registry documents”. Another example : “Remember” “My old sticker book is in the shed”, then ask Alexa “Where is my” “sticker book”. You can also update the location again for the same object, Alexa would retrieve the updated location. Data is stored in a secured database on cloud for each user and not shared with anyone. Try it out yourself, still more to come soon!!!


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