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This product\service can be used in under banks. This is a real time automated service for taking the payments from the customer’s account with the business rules incorporated in the windows workflow foundation with multiple activities for settle, extend and part pay loans. Data cash web service can be used as payment gateway. This aLos handles all types of exception and log for the status of the loan with the wrapper around the application.

Giggly school kids proudly wearing the Smart Attendance ID card

Smart Attendance

Smart attendance is a digital attendance application replacing legacy register books with more advanced technology.  Geniuslead has developed multi platform app to enable services in the education system with high technology platform focus. SmartAttendance app aims at revolutionizing and simplifying the attendance process. It enables paperless based attendance. This saves a lot of time for teachers and also helps further the paperless revolution.  An important feature of the application is that it works offline. This takes into consideration remote villages where there is no network. It provides a secure, efficient and eco-friendly alternative to manual attendance paperwork.

Question Bank

Question bank is a windows and web based software which can be used to generate random questions from a pre-loaded question bank list. This is generated using the same software, where the teachers or lecturers can upload all the questions in a CSV\excel format into the application. Each question will have a question paper code, unit (syllabus), marks, complexity. Once the questions are available in the database, the software provides various features. The entire architecture is based on a secured platform. This app aims at streamlining the process and making the task of setting question papers more easy, efficient and secure.