Start with sprint ZERO


At what age did your learn to ride a bike? What methods did you try to ride a bike? Did you fall while learning? Balance is the first step as we all know, but question is how to make it simpler?

Easy way to teach is removing stabilisers, pedals and start to scoot. Automatically you would learn to balance. We can apply this technique in every aspect of life, any new skills we learn or any project we work on. Start with ground work sprint ZERO before we jump on to sprint 1. But we always tumble by adding two components TIME and COMPARISON (with others) to the entire learning or development process and start worrying about it. We need to REMEMBER there was NO concept of TIME 500 years ago, no one really cared about time they JUST DID IT whatever they did.

For comparison there was no communication with outer world so they never bothered to rush. All the creativity in this world happens in it’s own time, all the inventions and discoveries happened this way. WAIT and WATCH patiently.

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