My Zoo

My Zoo is a multi-platform mobile app which acts as an information guide and navigation tool for visitors to the zoo. The app provides an environmental friendly option to buying tickets, going paperless in terms of ticket printing and is packed with awesome features.

Benefits of the App:

  • Locating animals becomes easier as you can search for them on the zoo map on your phone.
  • During the tour, every animal gets displayed on the zoo map on your phone using longitude and latitude based points. This way you won’t miss any animals\birds.
  • You can enjoy your visit to the zoo better and observe the different characteristics of animals with the help of the detailed information given on the app.
  • This app is also a great tool to teach children about the different animals and their behavior.


  1. Login\Register
  2. Search for animals\birds
  3. Displays the Zoo map
  4. Displays animal’s images on the map.
  5. Shows current user location using Visitor’s GPS location.
  6. When the user moves the GPS location latitude\longitude is updated and helps them navigate through the zoo.
  7. The user can search for an animal and on clicking the image of the animal, they will be shown 2 options to choose: info\direction context menu.
  8. On selecting info, a new page with back button shows all the info of that animal with audio button.
  9. On selecting audio button, app plays the audio of the animal info.
  10. Zoom in zoom out, rotate map options available.
  11. Show distance and time to reach animal\birds destination.
  12. Grouping of birds and animals at the same location.
  13. Facilities – User can search for the closest facilities available. Example : toilets, rest area, child care room, drinking water.
  14. Language settings – Users can change there desired language from settings option.
  15. Camera option to take photo is embedded inside the app, so user doesn’t have to go outside the application.
  16. Wallet – to display purchased tickets.
  17. App woks offline considering the network issue inside the zoo. This is done by downloading the animal\birds images and info only once onto the users mobile while registration process.

More exciting features coming soon!

Download the App Now:

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