Got our first Promo code for – Amazon Echo Dot

In my previous post I did mention about getting your free echo dot by publishing your Alexa custom skill.

Got email from Amazon to claim a “FREE ECHO DOT”


Email from Amazon!!!

Great news!

You recently applied to our promotion. Since you published your first Alexa skill, you are eligible to receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

You can redeem your Amazon Echo Dot with the code below.


Promo code Echo Dot: 🙂

Expiration: 31 December 2019

To redeem your Amazon Echo Dot:

  • Visit your local Amazon website and select the Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Click “Add to Basket”.
  • Click “Continue” to proceed to checkout.
  • At checkout, enter the promo code in the payment method section and click “apply”.
  • Click “Place your Order”.
Thank you for building with Alexa. For promotion details, view our full terms and conditions. If you have a promotion specific question, contact us.


If you are still interested to learn how to build Alexa skills for your business contact GeniusLead at


-Deepak Roy



How to enable Alexa Skill?

We recently developed Amazon Alexa Skill for a charity organization in the U.K called as “Basildon Hindu Samaj”.

Purpose of “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill is to get the events details hosted by “Basildon Hindu Samaj” committee members. Also it would help you to know more about type of events, time of the event, place of the event and how to contact them.

You can either enable “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill from your Amazon Alexa mobile app or by saying to Alexa device to enable “Basildon Hindu Samaj” skill.

I know many of you have already got Amazon Alexa devices and are very familiar with the invocations and enabling skills.

In this video I would like to show, how to enable the skill using your mobile app, and start asking questions about “Hindu Samaj “skill. This is very useful for people who don’t have Alexa devices, but they can use there smart phones as their Alexa device.

You need to install Amazon Alexa mobile app, then navigate to Skills section and search for “Basildon Hindu Samaj”, the next step is to enable the skill. Once you have enabled you would see options to choose from the various English accents. If your Alexa devices are registered in the UK, Or if you have an amazon UK account by default it is set to English GB accent.

If you want to speak and listen in Indian English accent then you need to De-Register your UK devices from amazon (manage devices settings ) and register with Indian English accent.

If you have got Indian English accent setup on your device, then you can straight away ask questions.

ask hindu samaj when is the event

ask hindu samaj to tell about the event format

ask hindu samaj about committee members

If you have got UK English accent setup on your device, I would advice you to invoke the skill first before asking questions. Click on the blue button to invoke intent as seen in the video.

If you have got UK English accent try out the commands above, if you don’t have UK English accent try commands as shown below.


you can first say,

“ask hind samaj” and give a pause to hear a message from Alexa, then you can ask

“when is the event”

TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE HOSTED EVENTS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “where is Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “tell me about Hindu Samaj”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what time is the event”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “When is the next event”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “address of the event”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Where is the event”
TO KNOW ABOUT THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “people in the committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “who is in the committee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who is the chairman”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the joint secretaries”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the members of Trustee”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are members of non executives”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who are the cultural secretaries”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Who is the treasurer ”
TO KNOW ABOUT THE PROGRAMME\EVENTS – SAY\SPEAK out any questions as mentioned below.

– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj performances”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj events”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what are the events at Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “tell me about event format”
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Events hosted by Hindu Samaj”,


– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “contact”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Hindu Samaj Facebook”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “what is the Facebook page for Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Facebook”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “join Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Whatsapp”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “Facebook page”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “contact Hindu Samaj”,
– ASK HINDU SAMAJ “how to contact Hindu Samaj”




-Deepak Roy



Don’t Procrastinate! Just Start … Up  


Many of us love the idea of owning a business, being our own boss, seeing our brand counted among the best in the industry … but most of these beautiful dreams evaporate in the light of day. We want to be a successful startup, but we get stuck on the “start.” Well, we all need a bit of a wake-up call or a bit of a shake-out-of-your-comfort-zone-and-start-up call!

It was Walt Disney who said: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” and it was through Deepak Roy, the founder of GeniusLead that we saw that this is really true. There were many things that could have held him back – his high paying steady job, a new addition to his family with his wife pregnant, rules and regulations of starting up a business in the UK. All this and more could have held him back, but he didn’t let fears bog him down. He took a bold step towards his dream and worked at it with all his might!

We aren’t saying you should rush in headlong with no plan or weighing the consequences. That is a recipe for disaster. Rather, the point is not to let our FEAR keep us back. Sit down, calculate the cost, weigh out the pros and cons but make sure your cons are really worth putting your dreams on hold.

Here are a few pointers to help you stop procrastinating and start doing more.

1)    Put it down on paper

Write it down and don’t mince words. Let your dreams out in full technicolour and jot down all that you want your business to be. Even if it is just steps that might take time and effort which you may not have at the moment, write them out. Don’t’ hold back – expansion plans, prime real estate for your office – dream big and write it all out.

Narrow it down now and chalk out a plan on how you will achieve those dreams, step-by-step. What is the first thing that you need to do? Then what? Make a list and make it your goal to tick off as many as possible as soon as you can.

2)    Take Baby Steps

Look at your list and focus on the achievable micro steps. This will give you the satisfaction that you are doing something to achieve your dream. Do it every day. At least one task that is connected to your start up vision. Talk to at least one person about your vision every day. Make one phone call that could put the wheels in motion on a task you need to get done. Do not sleep without achieving that one step towards your business.

3)    Don’t Go Chasing After Perfection

Yes, we do want everything to be perfect before we launch our business, but realistically this isn’t possible. There will be lessons you will learn, there will be new hurdles you will face and there will be mess-ups that you will recover from. Get the basics right. Put up that board. Now build your business.

Steve Job, the man known to be a perfectionist launched the Mac bug-ridden as it was with the words: “Real artists ship.” The product was by no means perfect, but it had potential and it got right into the homes of people who loved it imperfect as it was. We aren’t advocating launching a product that isn’t tested properly or that could get you into trouble of course. The point is not to get so tied down in the pursuit of perfection that your ship sinks before it sees water! Don’t wait a lifetime to start a perfect business but spend that lifetime perfecting your business.

All the very best to all you entrepreneurs out there. Dream a dream and work your socks off to get it to reality!


Lessons We Learn – Motivational Quotes

We’ve come far. From a small idea that became a great big beautiful dream come true, we have definitely come far. It doesn’t stop here and we have miles to go … but we love the journey as much as we eagerly anticipate the destination. Here are some lessons from the greats that we have and are learning along the way.

Keep going! Success Quote from Churchill
Keep going! Success Quote from Churchill


We have seen success and failure, but sticking true to Churchill’s advice we’ve mustered up the courage to keep going on.


Give your dreams wings - Success Quotes
Give your dreams wings – Success Quotes


We didn’t keep our dreams bottled up, we let it free, we spoke about it and the support we got was overwhelming. Share your dreams and the universe echoes it back.


Work for it - Success Quote by Bach
Work for it – Success Quote by Bach

Having a dream is not enough. You have to be ready to work for it and keep at it. Each one of is has the power to make our dreams come true. We have seen miracles in our journey because we were to determined to unleash that power. You can do it too!

Tell us your fav motivational quotes.

Startup Ideas and Success Stories

As a successful startup ourselves, we are amazed at what a simple idea can accomplish. An idea buzzing around in your head, innovation that has no boundaries, plans that just need wings and determination that makes them soar – this is what a startup story is all about and we are living and enjoying every minute of it.

For all of you who know this is what you want to do, here are 2 success stories, one from India and one from the UK to motivate you. Also included are links to some great startup ideas. So let’s get started!

Under the Mango Tree: Rs 60 lakh turnover by selling honey

UTMT - Startup Success Story
UTMT – Startup Success Story

This is a honey sweet success story alright! Mompreneur Vijaya Pastala took a simple concept and turned it into a million-dollar company. The business of sourcing, packaging and selling honey has been turned into a venture that provides community-based livelihood and is impacting close to 15,000 rural lives! Have a read of their Success Stories here:

Words of wisdom from Vijaya: “I believed in my idea and have always been motivated by the fact that one needs to believe in his/her idea and stand by it before giving up” 

Foxtons: From Rags to Riches

Foxtons - Startup Success
Foxtons – From Rags to Riches

An ambitious teenager Jon Hunt, knew what he wanted at the age of 19. His startup capital of a borrowed £ 100 has now made him a billionaire with an estimated fortune of a cool £1.07 billion! Foxtons, his firm, is now synonymous with property and estate agency in the UK and is going strong.

That doesn’t mean it was always a smooth ride. The company definitely had its share of challenges. Talking about the property crash of 1988–94, Jon Hunt said: “…Foxtons had no significant lettings department and as a consequence it barely hung on – we were close to going bust every day”. But they triumphed and came out louder and more successful than ever before.

Their single-minded focus has earned them the reputation of being called “London’s biggest, brashest estate agency.” Jon Hunt has been criticized for his methods and has faced his share of let downs but even his competitors acknowledge that he is a force to reckon with. Harry Hill, chairman of Britain’s biggest firm of estate agents, Countrywide says of Jon: “He has built a business on a model that I wouldn’t want to replicate, but he has done phenomenally well out of the industry, and for that, you have to take your hat off and say well done.

Now there were two great success stories to motivate you . Here are a few great startup idea compilations for you to startup on your own.

Some Reference links for great Startup Ideas:

We know there is no limit to possibilities for startup ideas. We are in awe of how fast the startup community is growing and we are also grateful for a world that allows these opportunities and dreams to thrive and grow. On that positive note, we wish you the very best in your startup idea. Let us know if you have any questions on what you need to get started as a startup or anything else – we would love to hear from you!



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