A Step in Support of Animal Conservation

The conservation of animals is a cause that we need to fight for. As more and more species become extinct, man has come to realize the loss of a piece of nature – a piece that our future generations will only see in history books and as fossils. GeniusLead wishes to do its part in furthering animal conservation and we are excited to tell you that we have a project in the works that is aimed at doing just that. More details to come later!

For now, here are a few quotes to emphasize the importance of these animals in our lives.

Some great quotes on the importance of Animals in Society
Animal Welfare is Society’s Welfare


Save the Elephants, Secure their Future_GeniusLead
Save the Elephants, Secure their Future


love animals_zoo project1

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Featured Image Source: http://www.africanelephantfund.org/

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