Smart Attendance Test

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Smart Attendance

Smart attendance is a digital attendance application replacing the legacy register books with more advance NFC technology for taking attendance by saving teachers and students time. Geniuslead has developed multi platform app to enable services in the education system with high technology platform focus.

Mobile App

Attendance is taken using any mobile device, but you get advance features if your device has NFC enabled.


Many countries has some excellent business schools for Technology and Management, which have contributed to creating the many brilliant minds; but then, there are the many villages that could be nurtured by education is being extinguished by the pervasiveness of ignorance. There is much that is being done to remedy the situation, but there is still a long way to go.

When I conceptualised GeniusLead, my goal was to use my skills to design products that would – albeit in small ways- contribute to the betterment of the education system, especially rural part of the countries. As I developed my products and saw the good it has brought to the few institutions that have already implemented it, my vision grew. I can see the vast possibilities that technology can bring to bettering the education system – sky is the limit and I am reaching for it. If you believe in my vision and think you can contribute, I invite you to soar with me.

-Deepak Roy
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