MyZoo App Support

It’s a multi platform mobile app used by every visitor to the zoo.

Fundamental features of mobile app


1. Login\Register.
2. Buy Tickets; different payment modes available.
3. Responsive Animal Search bar.
4. Displays the map of the zoo.
5. Displays animal’s images on the map with the option to click and
navigate to them.
6. Shows current user location using the visitor’s GPS location.
7. Navigation tool with GPS location latitude\longitude updates.
8. Animal information in context menu with text and audio versions.
9. Navigation to the animal location from the information page.
10. Zoom in, zoom out and rotate map options.
11. Map shows distance and time to reach animal\bird’s location.
12. Grouping of birds and animals at the same location on the map for
easier access.
13. Facilities Search option for direction to facilities like toilets, water etc..
14. Language settings – Option to change the language for display and
information (text and audio).
15. Embedded Camera
16. Wallet – to display purchased tickets.
17. Donate Option if users want to donate money for the upkeep of an
animal of their choice.
17. App works offline which eliminates hassles caused by any network

Benefits of app

– Making environmental friendly is the key factor by reducing paper based tickets, and going paperless in terms of ticket printing, usually most of this tickets go waste with in 10 minutes of purchase.

– Locating animal becomes easier as they can search on zoo map located on their phones.

– During the tour every animal gets displayed on the zoo map on their phones using longitude and latitude based points. This way visitor would not miss any animals\birds around them.

– Currently the information boards show basic information any animal or bird, using this app you can get more detailed information about any animals\birds, by clicking on the animal image, also can get info on the events.

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