HMRC API’s Multiplatform – Mobile app

Geniuslead has taken initiative to build a multiplatform mobile app to help individuals in the U.K, accounting softwares, accountant agents and other vendors to access new Beta version 1.0 API’s released by HMRC to check individual income, employment history, National insurance verification, Individual Tax, Marriage Allowance and Employers PAYE.

Employers PAYE

Version:1.0 (Beta)

The Employers PAYE API provides information related to payments and liabilities for an employer in a given tax year.


Individual Benefits

Version:1.0 (Beta)
Benefit–based services, such as retrieval of benefits information.


Individual Employment

Version:1.0 (Beta)
Employment–based services, such as employment history.


Individual Income

Version:1.0 (Beta)

Income–based services, such as historic personal income and employment-based income.


Individual Tax

Version:1.0 (Beta)

Tax–based services, such as retrieval of annual personal and employment-related tax liabilities and refunds.


Marriage Allowance
Version: 1.0 (Stable)

The Marriage Allowance API provides information about whether someone is claiming Marriage Allowance and checks eligibility to claim Marriage Allowance.


National Insurance

Version: 1.0 (Beta)

National Insurance services, such as retrieval of annual summary of Class 1 and Class 2 National Insurance contributions.


Mobile is going to be release in multiple phases, we are exicted to release the app as soon as possible. This would help all business sectors and individual’s to verify and check the employment history, income and tax.



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