From a small-town boy in Mysore in India to heading his company in the UK, Roy’s journey has been a lesson in grit and determination. As the Founder and Director of Genius Lead, he continues to learn and inspire and keep reaching higher.

Growing Wings

Roy completed his B.Sc (PMCs) from St. Philomena’s College and obtained his Master of Computer Applications from National Institute Of Engineering in Mysore before he began chalking out his plans for the future.

He was not always known for the single-minded focus he has now. His relatives and friends had all but dismissed him as being too playful to go too far ahead. But he surprised them all. His vison was clear and he knew what he wanted. He also saw that the journey was going to be long, but get there he would. The next step he took would be unusual to say the least.

Walking in to a reputed software firm, he offered his services for free. No vacant positions? – No problem, I’ll work for free. Not company policy to hand out computers to non-employees? – No problem, I’ll get my own. Nothing would stop him from pursuing his dream. Confused relatives and friends looked on as he went dutifully to work and came back with nothing. Well, not exactly nothing as the future would show. He was building his future, accumulating knowledge and gaining invaluable work experience.

His career path is a lesson on “Ask and it shall be given” He worked hard for his dreams and quietly but determinedly asked for what was his due. His industriousness, dedication and infectious positive energy was undeniable and he made his journey to the UK seeking higher challenges.

Big City Dreams

His journey to the UK wasn’t planned. Yes, I had big dreams but my dream to come overseas actually began with another love of my life – football,” he says. “While working in LogicaCMG, I got an email from Admin asking if anyone was interested in playing football. Sure, I was. Little did I know though, that this would be a kickstart to my dreams. I was selected to play for the company and I was excited sure, but I nearly fell off my chair when they asked if I had a passport. The game would be in Scotland. What?! My first ever trip abroad and it was an all-expense paid gig to play football! Funny how life works out. The day I set foot in the U.K, I knew I had to be here!”

He worked his way up from one prestigious firm to another with the goal of getting back to the UK. Perot offered him an onsite position in the UK and he jumped at the opportunity and proved his mettle. He was there at last!

Genius Lead

He worked his way in the UK and gained experience in design, architecture, coding, debugging and leading in different prestigious firms. And yet, there was a fire in him that wouldn’t abate. The words from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was in his head: If you’re the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for something that never happens. Then, you die a boring old man.”

“Boring old man” wasn’t what he cared to be called for sure! He knew he didn’t want to stand still. He knew he had the ability, skill and drive. All he needed now was to DO. He quit his high paying job, took up contract positions which would help him hone his skills further, and started his dream of GeniusLead.

“It was a big risk,” he reminisces. “My wife was carrying my first child, the job I had was a very high paying one as well. But I knew I wanted bigger things for our future and big dreams require big risks.”

Now that he is where he is, he can testify to Kiyosaki’s words: “Successful people take big risks knowing that they might fall hard, but they might succeed more than they ever dreamed too.”

Family First

While pushing ahead on his dream, he had the unwavering support of the love of his life, Smitha David. Pursuing her own career and life back in Mysore while Roy was building a foundation for them, these two never lost their love for each other. 9 years after they first declared their love for each other, they were married. Their family with two beautiful daughters is testimony to Roy’s priorities. He never lost sight of his family in his quest for success.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

His first ever dream was to become a fighter pilot, but family circumstances didn’t allow him to choose that path. That didn’t mean however that he gave up on his dreams to fly the skies. Decades after, he has now a EASA – Private Pilot License (A).

As a businessman, entrepreneur and go-getter, Roy is deeply interested in creating quality products that impact the lives and businesses of his clients. From India to the UK and everywhere in between, Roy continues to soar. He invites you to fly with him.

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